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by Andrew Knowles

How to write an outstanding CV

It’s hard to write your own CV. Most of us struggle with the task, in part because we don’t like the idea of ‘selling’ ourselves and also because we’re not entirely sure what the reader is looking for.

As a result, lots of CVs are too long, because we try to squeeze in every fact that might make a difference, and too boring, because those facts are buried in a mass of unnecessary and often badly presented text.

Having written over 250 CVs for clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, I decided to distil my experience and knowledge into a short ebook - titled ‘Your CV is You’.

Your CV is your first interview

Too often we underestimate the value of a CV. It is, perhaps, the single most important document in our career, because it has the power to open, or close, doors to progress.

Recruiters (in the broad sense of anyone looking to fill a vacancy) judge you entirely on your CV. It’s effectively your first interview, determining whether you move forward in the hiring process.

A good CV is successful for two reasons. Firstly, it contains the facts the recruiter is looking for. Secondly, those facts are presented clearly. Most recruiters give a CV about 30 seconds of their time - if that. In those few seconds, they assess whether you’ve got the potential they’re looking for.

While some people apply for jobs they have no hope of getting, many applicants possess the skills and experience the recruiter is looking for. What separates those short-listed from those rejected is often the quality of their CV.

My ebook helps you to improve the quality of your CV. It tells you what to put in, what to leave out, and how to present the information as clearly and succinctly as possible.

To download ‘Your CV is You’ from Amazon, click here.

The ebook is only available on Kindle, but the good news is, you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Amazon supply free reader apps for most computers and other mobile devices, from here.

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