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by Andrew Knowles

Using Instagram for business: 7 useful articles

Instagram is a hot favourite in social media circles at the moment. In December 2014 the photo and video sharing network announced that it had over 300 million users, putting it ahead of Twitter. Analysts Social Bakers also declared that it was beating Twitter on brand engagement.

You'll have heard of Instagram. You might even use it. But have you considered that it could be a useful way to promote your business or cause?

I've pulled together what I hope is a useful list of articles that explain how you could use Instagram to build a new network of contacts, get your message out there, and have some fun with photos at the same time.

7 articles explaining how to use Instagram for business

How to use Instagram to promote your products from Social Media Examiner. If you sell stuff, and you thought Pinterest was the place to be, think again.

14 small businesses that really know how to use Instagram from Wix. A great way to learn how to be effective on Instagram is to see how others are getting results.

10 simple ways to get more Instagram followers and likes from Huffington Post. Learning how to attract attention is the holy grail of social media. Could these tips work for you?

5 tips on how to promote your fund raising cause on Instagram from DonationTo. Yes, charities and other causes can also benefit from Instagram.

Learn how top brands are engaging audiences on Instagram from Sprout Social. The big grils and boys have more time to play with the social channels, so it's worth learning what works for them.

How to use Instagram hashtags to extend your reach from Social Media Examiner. I'm a big fan of SME, because they publish lots of really useful articles, like this one. 

The 5 biggest misconceptions about using Instagram for business from Kissmetrics. Do you think Instagram is only for big brands that sell stuff? Think again!

Unsurprisingly, the network has its own channel aimed at business users: business.instagram.com from Instagram. You'll find more information and ideas about Instragram here. 

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By Andrew Knowles 

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