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Through our social media training and coaching, we help organisations and individuals in Dorset learn how to reach a wider audience more effectively.

We work with sole traders, business owners and managers, along with charities and hobbyists looking to earn an income. 

What assistance are you looking for? Social media training? Coaching? Help with developing a strategy? A review of your social media presence? We can support you in all of these areas.

To find out more about our social media services, get in touch today. Call Andrew Knowles on 07970 108191, email or complete our contact form.

Social media training

We're helping organisations across Dorset learn how to use and get value from a variety of social media channels. 

The training we offer covers:

Our courses range from general overviews to sessions focusing on single network, such as Twitter. We prefer a hands-on approach to training, because that's how you learn as much as possible

Click here for more information about our social media training.

Before booking a social media training session, with us or anyone else, you'll find it useful to read our article: How to choose the right social media training.

We work with organisations across the UK on social media, and we give special attention to our home county of Dorset, through our Dorset Social pages.

You can keep up with the courses we offer by following @dorset_social on Twitter or signing up to our email newsletter.

Free online social media training

In early 2015 we launched a series of short, free, social media training sessions on YouTube and Facebook. Each video is just a few minutes long and covers a particular social media feature. Click here for more information.

Social media strategy

We can help you to write a social media strategy by assessing what you want to achieve through using networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, or through blogging. This strategy determines how to set up and run a social media campaign, including deciding on the most effective channels to use and planning appropriate content.

Social media campaign management

Whether you just need a little help to get going, want to refocus your social media interactions or would benefit from us taking the whole thing off your hands, we can help you to set up a social media campaign to achieve your objectives.

Social media policy

Every business needs a social media policy to establish responsibility and lay down guidelines for its staff. We can help you write a policy to help safeguard your business.

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